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What is an Invasive Species?

An invasive species is a plant, animal, fish, reptile, bird or insect that is not native to a specific location and has a tendency to spread. It has often been “introduced” to an area and was not initially naturally found there.

Invasive species are believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy and sometimes even human health.

Alien Invasive Species are those invasive species that live outside their natural distribution area and can threaten the biological diversity within a country.

The law in South Africa

New regulations came into effect on 1 October 2014 which affect all property owners in South Africa. These are the Alien and Invasive Species (AIS) Regulations promulgated in terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA), 2004 (Act no. 10 of 2004).

The Act and Regulations set out various degrees of invasive species (plants, insects, birds and animals) and require that certain of those invasive species are documented and, in some cases, removed from properties in South Africa. This must happen before a property may be sold.

Implications for all property owners

Planning to sell your property?

In order for you to avoid fines even imprisonment for non-compliance with the Act, both commercial and residential properties must be assessed by a qualified Invasive Species Consultant.

The provisions of the Act affecting property owners include:

Chapter 5, Part 2, section 73(2)

A person who is the owner of land on which a listed invasive species occurs must notify any relevant competent authority in writing of the listed invasive species occurring on that land.

Regulations: Chapter 7, section 29(1),(2) and (3)

The seller of any immovable property must, prior to the conclusion of the relevant sale agreement, notify the purchaser of that property in writing of the presence of listed invasive species on that property.

The Regulations list 4 categories of invasive species that must be managed, controlled or eradicated from areas where they may cause harm to the environment, or that are prohibited to be brought into South Africa.

We provide services to:

  • Home owners
  • Estate managers
  • Conveyancers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Commercial Developers
  • Game farm owners
  • Nurseries
  • Agricultural farm owners
  • Rural Communities
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Landscapers
  • Architects

How Spargo Landscape Consultants can help you

Planning to sell your property? We will help you to comply with the Invasive Species regulations effortlessly.

Do you require an Indigenous Plant Species to take the place of the Invasive Species? We can source the plants for you.

Our services will help you to:


  • Informative presentations and awareness campaigns


  • Property assessment to identify invasive species
  • Advice on invasive species requiring control
  • Report on invasive species compliance of property
    • fast, reliable service, assessment and reporting


  • Assistance with legal compliance
    • Property assessment
    • Completion and submission of declaration forms to the Department of Environmental Affairs
    • Copy of the declaration form to go to the (new) buyer
  • Removal of invasive species requiring eradication

Do you have any of these Invasive Plants on your property?

These are just a few common examples.

Helen Kneale

Nick Spargo has been involved with my sister and I for a number of years - assisting us in our ongoing gardening projects. He is a delight to work with - his enthusiasm and passion for gardens and gardening are evident from the moment you meet him. He seems to really care for the gardens he works on and constantly pops back to monitor progress even after his part of the job is over. I can highly recommend both Nick and his team of helpers.

Jane and Malcolm Keevy

We found living in a townhouse after living on a large property with a beautiful garden a challenge. Nick Spargo transformed our unimaginative garden and water feature into an idyllic and serene eco zone with a delightful range of plants and interesting flowerbeds that have become the feature of our new home.

Karen Soderholm

I must mirror my Sister's sentiments regarding Nick. I have also seldom seen someone who has such a good rapport with his staff. My appreciation also specifically relates to Nick's environmental conscientiousness and his knowledge about what plants the birds and the bees love and what alternative remedies to use to keep Mother Nature happy.

Angela Boulle

Thank you Nick for the marvellous job you did in our garden. Right from our very first meeting, your professionalism, knowledge and gentle nature impressed me (not to mention your patience with our delay in actually getting going!) and this continued throughout our project. Our new garden is beautiful and has been vastly improved - we can't wait to watch it 'growing up' in Spring and Summer! We appreciate the organised and tidy way in which you managed the site as well as the calibre of your friendly, obliging and hard-working team, a huge credit to the way in which you run your business. Your follow-up checks on the garden have been an added bonus together with the pointers you have given our gardener to ensure that the garden is correctly maintained. All-in-all a fantastic experience and we would highly recommend your services to anyone considering doing any work to their garden.