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Pompom Weed

Pompom Weed

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It seems as though winter has finally arrived, I must say that the August winds are a bit early!

Please remember to put frost guard on those tender plants, trees and hedges in your garden and to adjust your irrigation watering times.

Do you have this Invasive Species on your Property?

This week we will be looking at the Pompom weed
(Campuloclinium macrocephalum) This plant originates in Central and South America (Mexico to Argentina), It is a Category 1 Nemba {National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act} and a Category 1b.

A Category 1b: means that the invasive species must be controlled and wherever possible, removed and destroyed. Any form of trade or planting is strictly prohibited.

This plant has been known to take over large portions of grass land in Gauteng, Kwa Zulu Natal, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape Provinces. It is easily spread by fluffy seed that is wind dispersed and underground rhizomes. Once this plant gets into agricultural land, it reduces the grazing capacity by being unpalatable to larger herbivores, this plant causes serious harm to any veld region and wetland.

It grows to a height of 1.3m, and dying back annually to the root crown. Flowers are light purple to pink and it flowers December to March – I have seen it growing in and around North Gate.

There are special herbicides that can combat this plant, there are also physical methods of doing this. Please ask us for information about control methods. This plant must not be dug up and thrown in a dustbin or taken to a refuse site as it spreads by seed and rhizome, It has to be controlled correctly. If you think you have this plant on your property please let us know.

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